Journey To Real Love



There are so many people to thank for making this project a success. I will start with my precious husband and best friend Andre Forbes whose patience and support has been a source of strength to me.

My # Fan & personal “mamarazzi” Ilismo Ilismo who never gave up and kept pushing me forward, when I wanted to stay in the background and “teach”… My Cousin Arman J Hodge, who is always there, willing and ready to help, his constant cheering really encouraged me to move forward with this project.

My dear “Sisterfriends” Cindy Peters Ja’Nia Harden Jennifer StallingsSonia Gordon Shemeka Shepherd and Author Kaye T. Caldwell; Thelong hours of talks, planning, venting, encouraging really kept me focused I was motivated by you to keep going no matter what!

Now to the most amazing Production Team and cast on the Planet!!

Keanu Belle and Akio from Anguilla-   had the opportunity to work with these two young men this past summer, who turned a reunion video into a treasured family keepsake, they were the first to Captured the essence of my family on St. Maarten, while filming my siblings with their children and my mother whom you caught a glimpse of in the beginning of the video. When I returned to the states it was time to decide where I would take this project…I spoke with Author Kaye T. Caldwell who explained to me that I’d needed Focus so she made a call and introduced me to the best coach on the planet in my book Christina Sheer W ; Within one hour of talking with Christina Sheer W A light went off in my head, it was like I awoke from a creative coma! she managed to light a fire and determination in me to see this project through….the next thing I knew, I was on the phone with Siteria Gregory makeup artist to the heavens!,Jenean Flanders hairstylist and makeup to the heavens!, Eartha Butler- Wardrobe, and fashionista, who got me to wear “10 inch” heals! BTW! Graphic artist Valeria Rodriguez (branding and Logo) Preston CousinsPhoto retouches and Ads. Michael Cork Director CEO of Macork Solutions, whose artistic vision brought my video to life, I was definitely blessed more than I had imagined!

Even with all the technical assistance, I could not have pulled this amazing piece of work off without my willing cast members; Kevin Bronson Sevilla Bronson Mary Catherine Ardis & Husband Dezmond Ardis, Keila Griffin and baby Solomon, Marlon J Williams & Wife Ti’esha Williams Dametria Dee Selmore and Terrence T.m. Pride, were the magic to my music.

My heart is full of gratitude to each and every one of you who helped make a long-awaited dream come true. I hope this project empowers the world to seek love, in its truest form, whether is in family, romance, or close friendship. Everyone deserves Love. Now more than ever this is a message that the world should be singing “Real Love, pure love, I would never give it up, If I found it I would never let it go, something, pure and true, I would never give it up, If I found it I would never let it go. Keep Loving!!








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